Our Story

Three years ago I was completely and utterly confused about my diet, as a ballet dancer I was dancing long days and feeling completely exhausted. I was eating very little to keep in shape, so used food as a quick-fix of energy; Chocolate bars and diet coke were a regular on the menu. It reached a point where everything in my life seemed to be going wrong - my dancing became stagnant, I was constantly injured or on the brink of injury, my eczema became very sore and I was totally dumfounded - what was i doing wrong? On a dancing trip to Morocco I caught a really bad strand of food poisoning which stayed with me for months after. I took antibiotics and after weeks of feeling very poorly, and lying around depressed at home I had the space to really reflect on everything in my life.  Soon came the game-changing revelation that my diet could be behind it all! I read an amazing book all about Inflammation, and how really it’s at the root of all and every problem we suffer from. Headaches to stomach cramps, cancer to acne - Inflammation always seemed to be a huge contributing factor. I researched inflammatory foods and read all about the way we digest and absorb meat, dairy, gluten and refined sugar. Over time, one by one i gave them up and my health slowly started to flourish. I developed a passion for cooking, and a surprising love of healthy ingredients. My outlook on food changed entirely, and I suddenly saw it as a vital tool to support my body. I could pick and choose ingredients with different benefits, so if I needed more energy, stamina or quicker muscle recovery - I would eat the right foods for that. My kitchen became my favourite place to be and the more time I spent in there, the more success and happiness I had in every other aspect of my life.

I started writing recipes for the Online healthy & wellbeing magazine Hip & Healthy, where my health journey started and my knowledge of nutrition grew. After studying nutrition, and getting a diploma as a nutritional coach - I started my blog Naturally Sassy - combining my love for wholesome & delicious food, with a healthy active lifestyle.

Throughout every step of this journey from being shattered in the dance studio, to writing my first cookbook the one thing that became very apparent was just how busy my life had become. Juggling dancing, cookery writing, and blogging was, and is, extremely time consuming, so time consuming I often found myself out all day without anything nourishing to eat. I’d come home starving and make a humungous bowl of brown rice pasta. Like the majority, I spend my days away from home and don’t have the luxury of just grabbing a snack from the fridge. If I wanted to eat well on the go, I needed to think ahead, but not everyday did I truly have the time to make something myself… and let’s face it hummus and carrot sticks aren’t always the easiest thing to tote about! I decided to start buying lots of different healthy snack bars to throw in my handbag everyday, but despite their incredible claims they didn’t make me feel all that amazing. I wanted something that would taste delicious and give me a great source of sustained energy, and this is how Naturally Sassy Food started. I created this brand with an overwhelming passion to give my family, friends and readers an affordable and delicious snack that would keep them healthy, energised and support them through the day.  Sassy’s Blondie, Sassy’s Brownie, Sassy’s Flapjack and Sassy’s Red Velvet were all born out the idea of making the swap from unhealthy afternoon treats to something that tastes just as good, but is so much better for you. They are all Gluten free, refined sugar free, raw, vegan, and handmade with your health in mind. They’re packed with beneficial superfoods that impact your mood, body and wellbeing - and best of all they aren’t overpriced, and are by no means a one time buy. I have one every single day, and feel all the better for it.



Which superfood snack flavour is your favourite?

Ridiculously hard question - I truly love them all! The brownie and blondie were my original creations, but they are all so moorish. Flavour wise:

Sassy’s brownie, is a sweet rich chocolate flavour with a light essence of orange running through it. Although chocolate-orange isn’t for everyone, I’m always so happy to hear that people who don’t particularly like this combination actually L.O.V.E the brownie.

Sassy’s Blondie is like a bite of tropical white chocolate heaven. It’s fresh, light, tangy and has a really creamy white chocolate taste about it which is awesome.

Sassy’s Flapjack is a spiced cinnamon, caramel flavour with chewy oats and loads of goodness. This is my sister and mum’s favourite, and I really don’t blame them. It’s delish.

Sassy’s Red Velvet - This taste is harder to describe, but equally as yummy. It’s got a deep fruity flavour without it being overwhelming. The coconut lightens the flavour and the two work harmoniously together.


Which flavour should I order first?

My advice… order them all! I set up the naturally sassy superfoodie subscription so you can get a box delivered monthly of all of the flavours. It’s a mixed box special, and means you can enjoy them all. They’re also 15% off the normal price so you are #winning.


What are their benefits?

On the Ingredients page you can read all about the benefits of every single ingredient I use, and trust me there are many!


What exactly do I get when I subscribe for monthly orders?

A box or two boxes delivered to your home each month of mixed superfood snacks. You’ll have a hamper of 3 blondies, 3 brownies, 3 red velvet’s and 3 flapjacks. They’re 15% off normal prices, and mean you don’t have to even go out to the shops to get your daily dose of superfood goodness. You can sign up for 6 months or annually!


Are they high in Sugar?

We don’t use any added sugar in any of the products, meaning they are totally refined sugar free. One of our favourite energy boosting ingredients Dates are brimming with healthy fruit sugars, that we balance out with a sufficient amount of protein from the nuts and superfood powders meaning instead of getting a roller coaster energy crash you get sustained energy for hours after.


When’s the best time of day to eat them?

If you’re after them for sustained energy the best time to have them is between 7am and 6pm. After 6pm most of us are settling in to our evening routine which is less about keeping going and more about enjoyment. If you’re a sweet toothed girl/guy like I am, then the evening always draws temptations for some sort of pudding or snack. These are so much better then any conventional sweet treat, and won’t keep you up all night on a sugar high either! When I’m dancing a lot, I have the Flapjack to help re-store glycogen levels, and with the sprouted brown rice protein powder it helps my muscle recovery too.


How many is too many?

I always have one a day, sometimes two if I’m in the kitchens and feeling peckish!


Will they help me loose weight? Will they help me gain weight?

They will do neither on their own! The products are a delicious, nutritious low GI snack that is a great addition to any diet whether that be one to help you gain weight or one to help you loose it. If you’re trying to gain weight this should be one snack of many others you have in the day. If you’re trying to loose weight having a snack that does you good, and tastes delicious can lead away from unhealthy temptations.


Where can I buy them?

View are stockist page here. If you can’t find a location near you, order online!


Why aren’t they Organic?

My aim behind the whole Naturally Sassy brand is healthy eating for everyone - and making it truly as accessible as possible. With my superfood snack range I passionately wanted to create something truly healthy that everybody could enjoy. Unfortunately whilst I whole heartedly support Organic growers, farmers and eaters - the industry is still very expensive and would make this product above what the average person would pay for a snack. I wanted to share them with as many people as possible.


How much do they cost?

They are £1.99 and if you order on our subscription you can buy them for 10% off!


Will my non-healthy family like them?

Absolutely! My aim was always to create flavours that were so delicious, you don’t even realise they’re healthy.